Long Cloud Youth Theatre

“If Long Cloud Youth Theatre represents the next generation of theatre practitioners, our creative industries and the community at large will be the richer for it.” - John Smythe, Theatreview.

Long Cloud Youth Theatre is a hothouse for New Zealand's most exciting new acting talent. Long Cloud Youth Theatre, run by Whitireia Performing Arts Company, is a unique training and production company for young actors aged 16-21 years. Long Cloud is based in Wellington, New Zealand. The Company gives young actors the means to enhance their theatrical skills through practical performance experience and the opportunity to work with Wellington’s foremost directors and tutors. 

The members of the Company get intensive training in movement, voice and acting by various tutors as well as working on stage productions throughout the year. In this unique Company talented young actors grow as artists and at the same time make theatre with likeminded passionate people. 

From 2013 – 2015, Stella was the Artistic Director of Long Cloud Youth Theatre in Wellington, and this role she directed five original devised works, as well as receiving the 2015 STAB Commission. For LCYT’s Artistic Director, running rehearsals is the tip of the iceberg: producing; organising; sourcing; accruing funding, and training is as much a part of the job as the productions. On top of this, your focus is on helping young makers craft their own voice in the world. Watching those voices get clearer is truly special.

“Long Cloud has morphed from an exciting training company for actors into a company of actors who make exciting work. By letting its young members experience new ways of making, and by exposing their audience to ways theatre can be experienced, Long Cloud is seeding an exciting future for theatre in Wellington. I am really looking forward to their next production, but with their commitment to leading the charge into new ways of making, I am more excited to see these makers in 10 or 20 years.” —Samuel Phillips, The Lumiere Reader

Pictured below: The Adding Machine (2015), The Mountebank (2014), Another Beggars Opera (2012), Oneironaut (2013), Lost Cause (2014), The Bacchae (2013)

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