Drop Down Globe

Shakespeare as you’ve never seen her: remixed, remastered, and rediscovered. Written, Directed, and Co-Produced by Stella Reid.

Taking place over one tertiary school campus on one day, Drop Down Globe takes on each Shakespeare genre in only ten minutes. Shot in Wellington, New Zealand, Drop Down Globe is Shakespeare like you've never seen her before. Remixed, remastered, rediscovered.

Drop Down Globe is a reaction to the all male “traditional” casting models adapted by many famous Shakespearean stages, including Aotearoa’s own Pop Up Globe.

They show it to us.

They make us remember it.

They make us read it in school.

They make us study it in English class.

They make us draw on moustaches

and take off our skirts in Drama.

They tell us he is in our canon.

They tell us he IS our canon.

They tell us he is the greatest writer who ever lived.

They make us fall in love with it.

And then when we do,

They tell us it isn't ours.

Part Phyllida Lloyd, part Julie Taymor, part Baz Luhrmann, and part Mykki Blanco’s High School Never Ends, DROP DOWN GLOBE is a reactionary collection of the Bard’s words.

DROP DOWN GLOBE is a short film featuring femme and Shakespeare. Remixed. Remastered. Rediscovered. Rather than continue to engage practitioners in conversation about the misogyny of ‘traditional casting’, the emerging artists behind THE DROP DOWN GLOBE want to create a short film that celebrates what women look like wearing Shakespeare.

A 'Drop Down' is a menu, an offering, a digital frame for a series of options. How Shakespeare might write in a digital world. How Shakespeare looks when you look him up on Sparknotes. But it is also a fight. A drop down is the way you take control of the dance floor. A moment of aggression, a drop to the floor, a way to move so fast men can't grab you; can't hold you; can't gaze.

Go on.

Watch us and eat it.

One of the Someday Stories series of six short takes on sustainability by emerging young film-makers from Aotearoa New Zealand. 

Watch the promo below, or watch the film on Maori Television on Demand here.

Someday Stories Promo - Drop Down Globe