Stella Reid is an inventive theatre and film artist based in Wellington, New Zealand. She is a humble lover of her whānau, a long time supporter of black coffee, and a dog person.

Her interest in film can be traced back to her first feature role at age four in The Last Tattoo, where the boredom and repetition of set was translated into magic on screen. She’s been obsessed with making art look magical ever since.


Stella Reid 

Kia Ora!

I am a child of the 1990s, grew up with the Internet, played an embarrassing amount of Sims, and had a cell phone throughout high school. Even though I wanted to be cool, my lifelong love affair with theatre was unprecedented. To this day, I balance the seriously uncool theatre interest with a passion for film.

Jerzy Grotowski first helped theatre make sense to me when he said "there is only one element of which film and television cannot rob the theatre: the closeness of the living organism." I am most passionate about directing theatre that capitalises on that closeness – theatre that feeds on closeness in order to survive. Sometimes this closeness manifests as interactive, immersive and promenade theatre that uses audience as part of the text. Other times it rears it’s head as a detailed, site-specific detective story.  

I'm obsessed with making addictive processes for my collaborators. I want them to feel excited to begin working with me, and energised out of it. My practice involves creating and facilitating spaces where people can talk openly about their values and find ways to turn their experiences into stories. True stories are always stronger.

You can see some of my influences and inspirations here on The Pantograph Punch.




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